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Expand your town, customize your party with over 200 classes and charge into dungeons in an epic free to play RPG!...

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  • 11 de abril de 2016
  • Versión Actual:
  • 1.1.2g
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  • 37 MB
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  • 696
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  • 2.3 o Superior
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  • Gratis
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  • Juegos de rol
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Expand your town, customize your party with over 200 classes and charge into dungeons in an epic free to play RPG!

Ruleria, a world created by the gods.
As the God of the Sun, you awaken in order to face wicked monsters that have suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

Evolve Class Souls into superior classes!
You can evolve your low-rarity Class Souls into higher-rarity Souls.
Discover your favorite classes and use them at every chance you get!
Special bonuses will occur when classes with certain traits are combined.
Use the right combinations and skills to beat even the toughest dungeons!

Charming Pixel Art
Different pixel art is used for each class, with everything from legendary heroes to even vegetables!

Expand your town!
Kilari is the manifestation of the people's faith in you. It can be periodically collected at the temple, and can be used to expand your town together with materials acquired in dungeons.
Expanding your town will give you benefits such as allowing you to buy powerful equipment and collect more Kilari.
Equipping the weapons you buy at the expanded Weapon Shop will also change the appearance of your characters. Focus on style or power: it’s up to you!

Character Customization
Create countless different looks by combining these features.
Find new hairstyles and eye types as you progress through the game.

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