Marvin - ZX Spectrum Emulator 1.7.2

Marvin - ZX Spectrum Emulator
World's first Android ZX Spectrum Emulator. Full 48/128k Spectrum emulation, accurate timing, 100% speed, 50 fps, high quality 48k and AY-8192 sound....

  • Última actualización:
  • 17 de julio de 2012
  • Versión Actual:
  • 1.7.2
  • Tamaño:
  • 1.0 MB
  • Número de descargas:
  • 1,164
  • Requiere Android:
  • 1.6 o Superior
  • Licencia:
  • Categoría:
  • Arcade y Accion
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World's first Android ZX Spectrum Emulator
- full 48/128k Spectrum emulation
- accurate timing, 100% speed, 50 fps
- high quality 48k and AY-8192 sound
- click&play game browser
- built-in POKE database for thousands of games
- border effects
- .z80/.sna snapshot loading/saving
- .tap/.tzx tape file support
- automatic .zip decompression
- fast native code with openGL hardware-accelerated graphics


New features:

- quick-load/quick-save state

- auto-restore state on next run

- POKE database

- swipe up/down to show/hide Android keyboard

- browse folders in loadFromSD

- disable sleep in options

- open files from a browser


- keyboard mapped properly

- joystick and fire visible on all devices

- cursor joystick shift fix

- sinclair joystick mapping

- fixed multitouch issues

- performance tweaks, better memory management

- stores joystick settings in .z80 files

Descargar Marvin - ZX Spectrum Emulator
Descargar Marvin - ZX Spectrum Emulator
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