HARVEST MOON: Seeds Of Memories 1.0

HARVEST MOON: Seeds Of Memories
The original farming and life simulation game that started it all is now available on Android with a full Harvest Moon experience and original story!...

  • Última actualización:
  • 18 de abril de 2016
  • Versión Actual:
  • 1.0
  • Tamaño:
  • 113 MB
  • Número de descargas:
  • 1,206
  • Requiere Android:
  • 4.1 o Superior
  • Licencia:
  • De pago
  • Categoría:
  • Simulacion
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HARVEST MOON: Seeds Of Memories


A Memorable Harvest Moon Experience!

The original farming and life simulation game that started it all is now available on Android with a full Harvest Moon experience and original story! Tasked with the job of revitalizing a farm, you'll need to befriend the villagers in town to unlock the Seeds of Memories!

You might get one by giving a villager their favorite item, catching a giant fish, or by raising your first cow!

● Grow a variety of crops, flowers, and trees! See if you can discover new kinds of mutations!
● Raise livestock like cows, sheep, and chickens!
● Take your horse for a jaunt around town!
● Take care of pets like your trusty dog!
● With 10 marriageable candidates -- 5 guys and 5 gals -- everyone will be able to find that special someone they're looking for!
● Upgrade your tools to find the highest-quality items!
● Participate in contests and festivals like the Cooking Contest and Starry Night Festival!
● Cook, fish, forage, and mine to your heart’s content!

Harvest Moon has always been about building a successful life, which means running a successful farm, and also building a meaningful life with friends and family. It is completely up to you on how you accomplish that!

Are you up to the challenge of collecting all of the Seeds of Memories?

Descargar HARVEST MOON: Seeds Of Memories
Descargar HARVEST MOON: Seeds Of Memories
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