Lair Defense: Shrine 1.1.7 APK

Lair Defense: Shrine
Greedy humans are invading dragon's world again! They're well armed, and will not stop until they destory dragon's world. Dragons are angry, and it's time for them to fight back!...

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  • 21 de junio de 2013
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  • 1.1.7
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  • 11 MB
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  • 3,087
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  • 1.6 o Superior
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  • Gratis
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  • Estrategia
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Greedy humans are invading dragon's world again! They're well armed, and will not stop until they destory dragon's world. Dragons are angry, and it's time for them to fight back! They are familar with the map, they are well trained, and they are ready for the battle. It's time for YOU to choose smart tatics to defeat greedy humans!


- Fire Dragon: Defends against invading enemies with fiery power. It is one of the most powerful and ancient creatures.
- Ice Dragon: A heroic defender specializes in ice attack. It can freeze invading enemies.
- Poison Dragon: Defends against invading enemies with poisonous power. Getting too near to it is horribly dangerous.
- You can raise dragon from young to adult and giant. Many special skills are only available for adult/giant dragon.
- Fire rain: special spell that damage an area by fire rain.
- Ice up: A spell that temporarily freeze all enemies.


- Varying from armless peasants to druids, the masters of magic power.
- Thieves move fast and become invisible as they like;
- Mage is immune to fire dragon attacks.
- Priest is the master of healing and prevervation. They can heal themselves quickly.
- And many more enemies are joining battle as level goes.

Command your dragons to stop greedy humans from stealing eggs now, HERO!

Novedades de esta versión:

*** Castle Defense released ***
Castle TD: The best stragetic/arcade castle defense ever!
You can install it from google play store
. Add "free coins" in shop
*** Please TURN SOUND OFF if the game still crashes on your device ***

Descargar Lair Defense: Shrine
Descargar Lair Defense: Shrine
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